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18-24 oct 2023


This is more than just a dive trip. 

There will be lots of education surrounding sharks. From talks with a marine biologist, to watching a documentary about how sharks are endangered. This trip is about shark awareness, to have guests leaving feeling like they understand sharks and their behaviour more.

With other fun planned activities after each dive day, we also want you to enjoy island life and see all that this beautiful local island has to offer!

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Project shark

As it is a shark focused trip, our goal is to have you spot hammerheads, threshers and tiger sharks on your dives (which will be very easy during the time period you will be going).

In order to join the trip, it is advised to be at least Advanced Open Water as the threshers and hammerheads like to hang out at 40+ meters and they'll be easier to spot at 30m.

Payments will be taken as 50% upfront, with the remaining amount given July 30th.

Feel free to message in if you have any enquiries! 

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